Friday, 9 August 2013

Up in the Air – Is it time to rethink your business travel?

Helitrip is offering a new way to travel to your business commitments, providing benefits which are unrivalled by road and rail.

Research from the National Travel Survey 2012 shows that the average Brit conducts 28 business trips every year, totalling over 200 miles; with congestion, road works and unreliable public transport voiced as the biggest bugbears for business travellers.

Helitrip offers a stress-free alterative which avoids the traffic jams, train delays and parking worries.

Helicopters are fast, reliable and flexible, with the ability to land almost anywhere – ideal for the busy executive with multiple meetings across the UK in one day.

Helitrip founder Steve Patterson explains; “When travelling with colleagues, helicopter charter can be more cost-effective than you might think. Significantly reduced travel time eliminates the need for costly overnight stays and lost revenue from being away from the office.”

“For example, opting to charter a helicopter from Shrewsbury to Cardiff with 3 colleagues provides a saving of 5 hours and over £200, when compared with travelling by road with hotel expenses.”

For more information on Helitrip’s services, visit or call 01743 276260.

 Image courtesy of Sosos020

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